Festival game

Designed by Les Rencontres d'Arles as part of an experiment, in consultation with professionals in the fields of photography, training and animation, this game was tested by a hundred or so groups and monitored by an external evaluator throughout its development.

This team game proposes to question the origin of photographs, their polysemy and their uses.

Putting words to photos together allows us to go beyond the simple "I like / I don't like" and move towards an autonomous way of looking at things, sharpening our eye as citizens and consumers of images, forging a personal point of view and sharing it with others.

Unit price: €129 (incl. VAT) + €12 for postage in mainland France (excluding Corsica)
For orders of more than 10 copies or for delivery outside mainland France or Corsica, please contact the education department: education@rencontres-arles.com / +33(0)4 90 96 76 06

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